Palestinian protesters singing and dancing under a big Palestinian flag in East Jerusalem/Israel.

Israel & Palestine

Oktober 31, 2015

Israel sometimes seems like its own microcosm detached from the world: A small piece of land that contains all there is on earth. From snowy mountains in the north to the sunny beaches of Tel Aviv and the dry deserts of the South. It holds many of the holiest places of three of the world’s biggest religions and at the same time traditional culture and beliefs are slowly but clearly merging with westernization. A country so rich in many ways, it is also the home of deep hatred, sectarianism and political conflict. At least from the outside it is hard to relate to what drives so many people to such radical thoughts on the political, as well as on civil level. Walls have been built, streets have been closed. Still, life in Jerusalem and the occupied territories goes on.

Muslim woman at a supermarket in Bethlehem.

Palestinian boy sitting on a wall in a refugee camp in Bethlehem.

Palestinian workers at checkpoint near Bethlehem crossing into the West Bank from Israel.

A jewish orthodox man carrying a child in Mea Shearim/Jerusalem.

Car driving through Silwan in East Jerusalem .

A Palestinian man in his garden in the East Jerusalem neighborhood called Silwan, a hotspot for the recent Intifada.

Inside a Palestinian taxi with Jassir Arafat and a bullet close to Bethlehem/West Bank.

Palestinian man with a cigarette in East Jerusalem/Israel.