Refugees in Georgia

Oktober 31, 2015

The break-up of Soviet Union in the early 1990s was accompanied by rise of ethnic tensions in many former Soviet States. Soon, ethno-political wars erupted forcing more than 280.000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) to flee their homes. The Russian-Georgian war of 2008, again centering around the issue of South Ossetia, resulted in another wave of displacement. Today, most of the IDPs are being prevented from safe and dignified return to their places of origin. Instead they slowly start settling in what were supposed to be just temporary camps between Tbilisi and the newly built, russian controlled border. Others, like ethic romas or the chechnyan refugees in the Pankisi valley, came from warzones outside Georgia. Many of them are stateless which means they lack basic documents like a passport or a national ID card. This again may prevent them and their children from going to school or getting proper health care. NGOs like the IRC in Georgia are working to raise attention on this issue on national and international level, as well as assisting stateless persons in the country by providing legal support.

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